We learned that 2+2 is 4, that shapes are closed and that stripes are straight and a sign of perfection; we have been taught as if everything was the same for everyone, as if we were all made with the same pattern.

Les Écoliers pursues the opposite idea. We design for all of those who are part of another world; a world where there are no rules, complexes, shapes, patterns or borders.

Thus, Les Écoliers has created a world for children with unique and different personalities, based on universes that are far away and bring plenty of stories to tell. We look for the essence of childhood, looking from the inside and selecting what is vital to dress authentic children.

We do not believe in better or worse options; rather we are inspired by what we have, what we want and what we truly love, within our possibilities and limitations, focusing on the goals we want to achieve:

“we are Les Écoliers, we are still working,

We are still learning”.

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