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Winter Collection 2021 for Adults
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Winter Collection 2021

Les Écoliers is a children’s clothing brand that presents a lifestyle, a way of conceiving the world. A rather constant reality and fantasy that mixes up and evades us from norms and rules. A proposal of free, rebellious behavior, full of rock & roll and fun.

In this way we bet on a casual style, full of joy, where everything is okay.

With this idea, we have created a style of unisex, oversize and comfortable clothing. Our concept is that Les Écoliers clothes pass from generation to generation, without depending on gender. Oversized clothing that will last for years and that both boys and girls, can combine in multiple ways.

“It’s time to revolution” is the new collection for next winter 2021. We have been inspired by the rebellion against the established norms. We believe that existence is basically playful. It has no goal to reach. It is simply about walking the road and enjoying. Don’t lose your way and follow the rock & roll that we carry inside. We believe that children are great experts in this life philosophy, and that is why we want: to accompany them, to learn from them and live their adventures.

Campaign Credits:
Photographer: Jorge Arberas @jorgearberas
Estylist: Andrea Martínez @andreamtrillas
Production: Ayala Studio @ayala_studio
Campaign Models:
LookBook Models:

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