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Now more than ever we want to live, we want to be free, to feel free, to love each other and enjoy every second and every day of our lives.
Live a quiet and minimalist life, full of goals and dreams. A life full of values and love.
With this collection we pretend to launch a message of conscience. To value what we have, who we are and enjoy the little things that life gives to us.
Through the dinosaurs we have found the main message of this collection, an ephemeral message where it makes us see that nothing lasts forever. Everything in this life is temporary.

Let’s learn something new Écoliers, we live in a wonderful world.

With the garments in this collection, we aim to go beyond the superficial appearance of fashion and give our clothes an added value: garments that promote free movement, comfort, that invite to play, to discover and learning.

With an explicitly unisex style, we also want promote equality.

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