MISSION 00: P.L.A.N.E.T E.A.R.T.H” launches a messages of awareness, cooperation and struggle for the care and conservation of our planet.

It takes us to an empty place, under a starry and protective sky. In that place we find a lonely child trying to find out what devastated his planet and how could it been recovered.

The boy dreams of becoming a hero, like the heroes of his admired cowboy movies, and to transform that battered world into a place of peace, coexistence and respect for the natural environment and for all its inhabitants. He dreams of defeating the bad guys: intolerance, individualism, consumerism … And stop the great villain: climate change


To create this collection, the designer was inspired again by the skate aesthetics and urbanwear of the 90s, as well as song lyrics by Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, among other artists.

The collection uses 100% cotton and organic cotton fabrics. We can also see recycled and manipulated fabrics that have been given a second chance. This idea of ​​upcicling gives the garments a casual and bold aesthetic that the designer is passionate about.

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