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Les Écoliers Kids Fashion

Les Écoliers is a children’s clothing brand that presents a lifestyle, a way of conceiving the world. A rather constant reality and fantasy that mixes up and evades us from norms and rules. A proposal of free, rebellious behavior, full of rock & roll and fun. In this way we bet on a casual style, full of joy, where everything is okay.

With this idea, we have created a style of unisex, oversized and comfortable clothing. Our concept is that Les Écoliers clothes pass from generation to generation, without depending on gender. Oversized clothing that will last for years and that both boys and girls, can combine in multiple ways.

Through our clothes we want to accompany children in their imaginary reality, in those distant worlds where they dream and live happily.

We love being different. We enjoy shaking the laws that pigeonhole us and make us all walk the same path. Go around the world and taste everything different. Toast for diversity, for anything unique and new! Let’s reveal ourselves together!
Because… it’s time to revolution!

Winter Collection 2021

“It’s time to revolution” is the new collection for next winter 2021. We have been inspired by the rebellion against the established norms. We believe that existence is basically playful. It has no goal to reach. It is simply about walking the road and enjoying. Don’t lose your way and follow the rock & roll that we carry inside. We believe that children are great experts in this life philosophy, and that is why we want: to accompany them, to learn from them and live their adventures.

With this winter 2021 collection, we want to support you in your progress, failures, moments of freedom and calm. We have designed a 24-hour collection. Clothes that they will want to wear 24 hours a day. Designed for the most revelers. Those who don’t take off their clothes even to sleep.

The winter collection is divided into two complementary groups:

On the one hand, we have a block full of color, very characteristic of the brand. Colors like electric blue, red or yellow. These shades color the collection’s joggers, sweatshirts, cardigans & t-shirts. A followed by fun clothes that will give them light in winter and will make them vibrate. We are sure that they will become part of their memory. They will be those pieces that will accompany them in the best moments and that they will always remember.

On the other hand, we have the group of basics. This set is make up of colors such as beige, brown and ecru. Perfect shades for your wardrobe background. A block of neutral colors that balance the collection, giving it softness and a range of essentials to combine with everything.

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Planet Earth

Les Écoliers have always wanted to be environmentally responsible. We work hard to create the most posible conscious products. We work very hard to achieve sustainable production processes. But it is clear that it is never enough. 

During these years we have been working to achieve higher-quality products. In this collection, as a novelty, we have many 95% organic cotton products, while we continue to work with 96% cotton and fabrics that we give them a second chance.

These fabrics are usually in disuse. Factories set them aside since they are out of season. But we love to give them a second chance, we are lovers of upcycling and second chances.

Les Écoliers is aware of the impact of fashion on our planet. That is why we manufacture in a small, local workshop where we control every step of our production. We buy local fabrics and try to support social projects that fill us as a brand and as people.

We are aware of the world in which we live and we try to collaborate for making it a better world. We invite you to be part of our family. We want to share a message of cooperation, respect, ethics, empathy, love and family but, at the same time, of great rebellion!

It's time for revolution

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